Our Mission:

Wyld Gear was founded on the idea of making lasting durable products that will become a permanent fixture in a recreational lifestyle. We Incorporate new ideas with distinctive features in every product.  

25 Quart Hard Cooler 50 Quart Hard Cooler 75 Quart Hard Cooler 120 Quart Hard Cooler 250 Quart Hard Cooler

New sizes

6 different color blends.

Check out the new products. Our 50 quart split series is quickly proving it's versatility in the field as it becomes a fan favorite.

50 quart Hard Coolers

tear proof & durable

30 can soft

Ice retention 3-4 days.

25q Hard cooler

Split / Series

The only coolers on the marketplace with two storage compartments.  Hot, Cold, Wet or Dry Wyld Gear Split Series cooler will always have the solution in one cooler.

Hard Coolers

Rod Holder

Our Rod Holder is a heavy duty polyurethane plastic attached to a steel bracket. The Rod Holder easily attaches to either side of any Wyld Gear cooler. 


Every Split Series cooler is equipped with our Heavy Duty Rubber Wheels riding on 4" double wall rims. Don't worry, our Never Flat Wheels are solid to the core engineered to forgive and forget big drops and sharp rocks. They are attached to the coolers with a 1/2" stainless steel axel. 


Wyld Gear's Split feature takes full advantage of being able to have your drinks & food separated from your bait or live well. Wyld Gear cooler's have aerator access ports on both compartments.  

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